Hi I'm Mark. And I believe in true love.

I am simple because I do not complicate things.

Yes, I have some hang ups but I always believe that at the end of the day, it is I who will make a choice. The choices are either I would allow myself to be swallowed by my "hang-ups" or choose the brighter side and move on. I always chose the latter.

I am not your drama king. Yes, I felt pain, was hurt. But instead of moping and telling everyone how sad and lonely my life is, I choose to be happy and be optimistic.

I am a true friend. I don't tell lies just to make you feel comfortable. I tell you what I think is the truth, It may hurt, but still is the truth. But I would tell it to you with all the respect and love for a friend. I expect you to be the same to me also.

I am cultured. I love watching plays, musicals, art films, read literary works, recitals, opera, concerts.

But I am also a jolog. You can see me eat at the karenderias, follow some soap operas on TV (and even know all the twist and turns of some of those shows) and talk about the latest "tsika" in town.

You want me to become your friend? Tell me. You want to go to bed with me - - tell me also (be quick!).

I am pretty straightforward so tell me what you want directly, no beating around the bushes.

Love is my passion. When you love someone, you give everything. If you consider making love sacred, you're gonna make it passionate and intimate. If you are passionate and you love intimacy.. Then you've just made yourself hot.

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Kakaproud lang tong pic na to.  Im happy nakuhanan ko to. Alam ko naman hindi siya high quality dahil hindi naman SLR ang gamit ko pero ewan ang ganda ng kuha. Perfect.

Sa Lucban, Quezon to.  I took it nung mamasyal kami ng family ko dun. 

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